Uruguay to Legalize Marijuana

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  1. I believe that the ban and legalization of marijuana are erroneous pathes. There is no reasonable solution to this problem. The faces of people in this photo disgust.

  2. I did not expect that answer. What country are you from?

    I completely concur with you as far as preference for DMT. Why are you so disgusted by the people in that photo exactly?

    DMT is an incredible substance, the most remarkable and awe-filled experience in my life, and that still doesn’t come close to describing how it affected me. I don’t think language ever will.

    I have actually never ingested extracted crystal. I have ingested it orally on several different occasions as an Ayahuasca brew.


    • I live in Russia, so I have many reasons to be afraid of the police. Once I was arrested on the street only for absence of my passport. I don’t want to be imprisoned.
      No, I don’t have any practical experince of DMT and other psychedelics. Only theoretical knowledge by reading some books (for example, of American researchers Terence Mckenna and Rick Strassman. I’m really glad for your lucky opportunities and impressions of DMT.
      As for the people in the photo, I could have used a too hard word. But as for my observations, many people have too low level of behaviour culture and mind advance for using psychedelics. They use them not for cognition of the wolds beyond of our reality. But for silly funs, which can lead to bad consequences. I’m sure that in my country legalization of marijuana will cause the increase of road crushes and (perhaps) some crimes. I think so basing on my personal findings in my surroundings.

      Sorry for my bad English, I hope it wouldn’t be too hard for you to understand my discourse.

      • I can’t even Imagine. I am originally from Illinois, USA, but am teaching in Korea right now. We complain a whole lot in America over loss of freedom and corrupt government, but I suppose it is nothing compared to what you must put up with.

        Mckenna was/is extraordinary, as is Strassman’s book- DMT The Spirit Molecule. I am an avid reader of both men. I think you would also be extremely interested in the writings and lectures of Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Paramhansa Yogananda, to name just some of my favorites.

        As I’m sure you are aware, DMT is produced in your own body, so ingesting a psychedelic substance ( LSD, Psilocybin, DMT, Mescaline, etc.) isn’t entirely necessary to attain the same effects on your consciousness. It is an easier, and faster method, but not necessary. I have taken psychedelic journeys using various vehicles more times than I can possibly count or estimate, and I can say with certainty that different forms of meditation, especially Pranayam (breathing exercises) produce similar, and very often, identical effects. Very often even more powerful effects! Put it this way, the more I got into meditation, the less I was interested in psychedelics. Also check out using frequencies to alter your consciousness. They work extremely well. A friend of mine made this playlist that is very effective: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3D3E88FF8078B4C4

        You are 100% right regarding the fact that MOST people do not use psychedelics for the purpose they are most effective for. They ingest them and go to parties. Where I am from, as long as you don’t drive, psychedelic ingestion mixed with silly fun extremely rarely leads to negative consequences. However, the reason I personally do not participate in that type of behavior (I never take psychedelics to have silly fun, but instead meditate in solitude while under the effect) is that the substances are simply so powerful and I want to take advantage of their relatively short duration. (I know some psychedelics last upwards of 18 hours, and although there are moments when you seem to experience eternal time, the trip overall goes by very quickly due to your absorption in the experience).

        That being said, the people in the photo are smoking cannabis, which, unless it is the most THC potent cannabis in the world, is equivalent to drinking a few beers. Now, despite having that sentiment, I agree that there are people that get really stupid and do downright retarded things after they smoke cannabis, but I have observed that these are the same people that do downright retarded things when they are drunk, sober, or in any state of mind. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a little, harmless fun, which, from the way I see it, is exactly what the people in that photo are doing. I don’t think it should be anyone’s business what others choose to ingest or what they do after ingestion, as long as they are hurting no one else besides themselves (Although it doesn’t make me happy that people do it, I fully believe that if a person wants to commit suicide or hurt them self, they should be allowed to as it is their body, and their life, no one elses). Now, if you say that you believe more people will get into car accidents and commit crimes if they smoke cannabis, that is a different story and may be isolated to certain areas. I say this because where I am from, people that drive while high on cannabis drive slower and more carefully without any problems. (myself included). There was even a BBC study (I’m sure you can find it on youtube) showing how people often drive better and more accurately while they are high due to the above reasons. I have also found that people that smoke cannabis (not mixing it with alcohol or other dangerous substances, just cannabis) are far happier, complacent, and calm, and actually commit less crime. Again this is my own observation. I can’t speak for the rest of the world’s people.

        And by the way, your English is exceptional. Don’t mention it! 🙂

  3. Thank you for information and advice! They are very important and valuable to me. I’m interesting for meditation practices and writings of thinkers you named. Unfortunately some of their books are forbidden in my country. They are linked with drugs. Now a special list of officially banned sites containing such books is compiled…
    I have one thought about marijuana. Approximately 30,000 people die each year on the roads of Russia in accidents. Many of them are caused by drunk driving. I’m afraid of that wide using of marijuana will increase this great number. Many of our people are hyperactive and sloppy in driving. So we should take into account such local conditions. I am ashamed to write about it, but these are facts.
    Иге in generally I agree with you and I know that marijuana does not make people angry and aggressive.
    Have a nice week-end! 🙂

    • I’m glad the information is helpful. I think it is of the utmost importance that we all take the time to share the information we have found, and that we all take the time to listen to all sides.

      That is very sad to me that so much information is restricted in your country. Limiting information simply limits growth and true understanding. What a shame. 😦 The information regarding psychedelics is extremely valuable, but I would never want you to go to prison over it. Stick to meditation. Certainly can’t go to prison for observing your own body and mind soberly.

      The statistics on drunk driving are actually very similar in the USA. About 30,000 people die each year with approximately 33% of those deaths resulting from drunk driving. Very sad. I really do think that alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world, and one of the most highly addictive. I try to stay away from it aside from a few beers or a glass of wine each week. I much prefer marijuana to use as a means of relaxation for the simple fact that you are still in control while ‘high,’ unlike alcohol.

      I hope our chats continue in the future!

      • List of banned books goes back titles in 1,200… I think that the threat of ban may concern books of such writers as Thomas De Quincey or Charles Baudelaire.
        Unfortunately my people are not able to overcome the legacy of the totalitarian regime. Democratic achievements gradually phased out. I’m afraid of a new Iron Wall between my country and world.
        I’m also sure that prohibition essentially can’t solve any problem. The solution should be based on personal good will. All the action is doomed to failure without good will. Freedom of choice and of will is primarily human right given to us by God.

        Eric, what is the situation with marijuana in Korea where you live now?
        And what do you think about wide prevalence of drugs in the modern world. I live in small town (ca 30,000 inhabitants) in the deep of Russia (Ural Mountains), but the problem of heroin, desomorphine is disastrous. I don’t see any social dependence on using drugs – many victims were enough successful men.

        By the way I liked your playlist on YouTube. Very nice and helpful!

      • Although there are some books banned in America, they are only banned from public schools. There is always a way to find something.

        I am also worried that nations like Russia are building a wall against the obvious onset of connection through globalization. I think the world growing together is a positive event, though I do recognize that we as a species have great hurdles and struggles ahead as we attempt to move forward as a single unit. Russia is one of the most important counties in the world politically, economically, and socially. I hope the ‘iron wall’ doesn’t weld shut!

        I agree that prohibition doesn’t solve anything. It is a cure for a symptom, not the actual problem. Truth is, I don’t think drug use is a problem in and of itself, as long as the user is able to use the drug responsibly and moderately. Unfortunately this is very often not the case. If you are able to get your hands on it I recommend reading Food of the Gods by Terence Mckenna. It basically just documents how humans have always used substance, or ‘drugs’ in one way or another, and that all species on the planet do the same. It is an intricate, essential, and valuable part of our life. I love how he uses TV and Coffee as an example of the most widespread drugs today. Very true.

        The situation with marijuana with Korea is interesting. There are many societal references to marijuana use, such as naming pubs ‘purple haze,’ or ‘white widow,’ (two very, very potent strains of cannabis). But, marijuana is virtually non-existent in Korea. Unlike the United States, where over 50% of people believe cannabis is harmless, most people in Korea view Marijuana as a dangerous drug on par with heroine or meth. I teach kids English, and I have found, just like in all cases i have observed around the world, this mentality is stemmed from ignorance, an utter lack of information and disinformation. There are very, very rarely logical and unbiased opinions regarding marijuana in Korea because it practically doesn’t exist here. The only mind altering substance Koreans consume on a regular basis is alcohol, and they consume it on a very regular basis. So much so that it has become a very serious societal problem. There is a zero tolerance policy with any substance besides alcohol in Korea, meaning that if you are in possession of even a tiny quantity of anything, it means hefty fines and prison time. It simply isn’t worth the risk for nearly all citizens. As Koreans have more contact with the western world they have begun to view marijuana and ecstasy in a more positive light, but there is still a very strong and major societal bias against all substances besides alcohol.

        I think ‘drugs’ will never go away. They are as prevalent as food. As i said above, many things we don’t normally view as drugs are in fact drugs by definition, like TV and Coffee. Physically and mentally altering as well as addictive. Substance, or drug use, is never going to disappear, and the more we put restrictions on society regarding substance use, the more those substances become like a golden apple and everyone desperately wants to try.

        I think it is a shame that people resort to heroine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, ketamine, opium, etc. to find happiness in their lives. It denotes a problem with society at large, not just with the individual. Many times people are bored, depressed, or pressured into using dangerous drugs like those listed above, and unfortunately, it is extremely hard to stop using them do to addiction potential.

        I believe what the world needs more of is less restriction and secrets, and more education and explanations. The moment you restrict something, a black market is going to spring up and the wrong people with the wrong motivation are going to be making money off of other people’s weakness. At least through a controlled government sales of substance can be monitored, controlled, and safety of the substance itself can be ensured. Take the Netherlands as an example. Marijuana is decriminalized there and yet, heroine and meth use is one of the lowest in the world. The people that are going to use drugs regardless of the legality or danger are able to smoke marijuana and be content, without having to resort to far more dangerous substances. Current drug policies, at least from what I have seen, only serve to provide power to two groups, violent gangs, and police force. Current policies also create an extremely large amount of revenue through busts and taxes on the ‘war on drugs.’ A war on drugs is as useless as a war on terror (which the USA is actively engaged in), as these are wars on ideas, something that can never actually be terminated.

        Did that make sense?

        Glad you liked the playlist! Meditate as you listen to it for the most in depth effects.

  4. The book “Food of the Gods” was translated into Russian, and I read it two years ago. It helped me to understand many issues of human culture. Especially interesting for me was the part on alcohol. I drink very little, and very rare (only wine), but rather because of the health and taste, than for ideological reasons. I do not like the taste of most alcoholic beverages. Also, I am afraid to use strong psychedelics because of not very good state of my health. So I prefer meditation, reflection, imagination, reading and music.
    I agree with you about the futility of the fight against drugs. I think this fight has purpose to distract from the issues of corruption. In my country, this is a huge problem.
    I think some people become addicts because they can not find a place in today’s complex world with huge flows of information. Therefore, they are looking for a false cure. Opiates are very suitable for this.

    • As the saying goes ‘different strokes for different folks.’ Some people find psychedelics more powerful than contemplation, while many argue strongly for the opposite. I am just happy you are a seeker and choose to seek out truth and wonder. The vehicle you use to get there is irrelevant.

      Yeah, addiction has always been a huge problem, especially in today’s world with drugs becoming more and more potent, and more and more available. I think it is so sad that people can reach a state in their lives that seems so hopeless and depressed that a physically and mentally destructive additive substance seems like a better choice than a controlled life. My father is a very, very serious alcoholic. He had a booming, million dollar business at one point, a family, good health etc. He has systematically lost it all to alcohol. And even after losing everything, he chooses alcohol. Addiction is mind boggling. It is definitely a very, very false cure.

      I believe the key to everything, including the use of drugs, is moderation and control. If you cannot control yourself and ingest the substances in moderation, you probably should not be taking those drugs in the first place.

  5. I feel sorry for you. I know firsthand about alcoholism close people. This situation is particularly appalling in women cases. But I could not find a way to solve these problems. Sometimes I think that alcoholism and drug addiction are the forms of disguised suicide.
    You’re absolutely right about the need for self-control. I know from my own experience that it is necessary to look for the personal internal strength to fight the disease or other difficulties. 10 years ago I got to use a medicine, which could not be used for longer than 2 weeks. Because it was easy way for cure. It had bad consequences, and getting out of this habit lasted several years.

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