The Benefits of Barefoot Running and Hiking

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  1. For this one I’m not so sure, because the invention of the earliest shoe dates back thousands of years ago, it was probably close to be as crucial to humanity’s advances as was fire.

    • I agree, the shoe was a very important advancement. Society is much different now though. In a completely developed world we have begun to baby our feet into weakness. I think it is important that there be a middle ground.

      On the other hand, there have been many advancements that we are now questioning. Look at alcohol. Fermentation was one of the first discoveries we made as a species. Alcohol, most notably wine, literally got us where we are now by creating pathogen free sources of water, a heightened sense of community, and a method of curing boredom. And yet, nowadays, we are realizing the destructive nature of alcohol on the mind and body. Alcohol in moderation is quite healthy, while too much leads to an imbalance. Same goes for shoes. Traditional shoes totally throw the balance of the body off, most notably by disturbing the proper way to strike the foot on the ground. Barefoot shoes create a balance by protecting the feet while simultaneously correcting overall form.

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